Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anal & Nipples

Now that we have discussed the differences in dildos and vibrators, lets explore a little further. Today I would like to talk about anal and nipple toys. Both are highly underrated erogenous zones that could help push you from "o" to "O."


No, don't cringe!!! Your backdoor can be quite an erogenous zone if you just give it a try!!! Just remember to use lots of lube (more than you think necessary), patience, and trust. The thin, fragile tisseue of the anus does not produce its own lubrication and can be injured very easily. Start small and slow, then you can gradually increase in size over several sessions until you find the perfect toy for you. For safety never switch your toys between the anus and the vagina without thoroughly washing it first. Anal toys come in 3 basic categories: plugs, beads, and the prostate massager.

-Anal Plugs
Used to get the body comfortable with anal insertion, anal plugs are meant to be put in and kept in not for penetration. There are plugs from small beginner sizes to large plugs for the more advanced anal fans. Anal plugs often have a pointed tip and flared base. The flare in the base is designed to keep the toy in place safely.

Anal beads are small spheres connected by a string with a handle on the end or a line of connected spheres with a flared base. Inserting each bead individually while engaged in foreplay or intercourse can bring pleasure as well as popping each bead out slowly during climax to increase intensity. Anal beads should always be inspected before use for any flaws and then cleaned thoroughly after use.

-Prostate Massager
Originally designed to provide relief for men suffering from an enlarged prostate, many doctors found that their devices were not being returned. Patients expressed their reluctance to return the devices because they were allowing them to experience orgasms far more intense than they had previously enjoyed. The prostate is often referred to as the "p-spot" or male "g-spot" because of its sexual sensitivity.


Women's (and some men's) nipples can be an erogenous zone all on its own. There are a variety of toys designed for playing with this sensitive part of the body. Nipple clamps (some of which have adjustable clamps for more complete control of the "bite"), suction toys, and edible, flavored creams or gels can bring a new measure of erotica into your love life.

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