Sunday, March 24, 2013

Perf.Des: XS Curved

Come, let me introduce you to my g-spots new best friend. Okay so he doesn't have a name yet but he definitely deserves one, so feel free to give me some suggestions. Isn't he just handsome??


My XS Curved carbon fiber dildo arrived strapped with hot pink ribbon to a long card of photo paper with some basic information printed on it. I have been informed by Mr. Shultz that he intends to replace the photo paper with a sturdier card stock type paper. It was quite attractive and I really appreciated the feminine touch. It had been carefully padded on all sides with plastic bubbles and sitting on top of the box was some information about Perf.Des, Nick Shultz (the art and brains behind Perf.Des) and his available products.


The XS Curved is a smooth dildo with no texture but a curve to the design. This dildo is made of carbon fiber with a urethane coating to make it completely waterproof and incredibly hard. The material this dildo is made of is the same lightweight yet incredibly strong material used in high end sport cars and race cars. With proper care, maintenance and storage, this dildo should last you a lifetime.


The dildo I received for review measures 9 inches from tip to tip. The "head" of the dildo has a diameter of 2 inches and the shaft is about a half inch thinner. The opposite end of the curve has a diameter of 3/4 inch. This was a great size for me but some may need something a bit thinner and others may like a bit more girth. Perf.des allows you to customize the size of your dildo so it is exactly to your size needs.


The XS Curved is a curved dildo designed for concentrated g-spot stimulation and penetration. The smooth surface and hardness are ideal for rubbing the clitoris. This is not a toy that I would suggest for anal play as there is nothing to stop this dildo from getting lost somewhere you don't want to lose a sex toy.


I absolutely can not say enough about this dildo. It has quickly become both my and my husbands favorite toy! The curve and thickness has me squirting on a regular basis. I have never come across a toy that consistently results in a squirting orgasm before and I am blown away!!! Carbon Fiber is extremely strong but incredibly light so I had no worries about wrist fatigue (although my husband was more than happy to help me out) and was actually able to use him a bit more aggressively than I would have if he was heavier.


This dildo is best cleaned using soap and water or a commercial toy cleaner. Do not place this toy into the dishwasher and I would not suggest boiling. You could probably sterilize this toy with a 10% bleach solution if necessary but day to day cleaning should be done with just an anti-bacterial soap and warm water.


This dildo is compatible with any type of lube you wish to use. It is a non-porous surface so there is no worry about your lube being absorbed into the toy.


The carbon fiber was a different and unique material to use in a sex toy but I found it to be quite erotic. Each dildo is custom made to your specifications then signed and numbered by Nick Shultz, himself.


I honestly could not find one single thing I disliked about this toy. I tried, hard, but I just love this guy too much.


Carbon Fiber is a very hard material that should be very difficult to damage, however I do suggest storing the XS line of Perf.Des' carbon fiber products in a pouch to create a barrier between this and your other toys in order to protect the finish. It is recommended to always inspect your toys upon receiving them and also before each use. If your XS dildo ever gets chipped or is damaged in any way, discontinue use and contact Nick Shultz immediately.


Perf.des is a design studio founded in 1999 by designer and artist, Nick Shultz. He has been honored with multiple awards for his automotive designs, product designs and artwork. Perf.des offers everything from custom airbrushing for your outside toys (motorcycles, cars, etc) to artwork in almost any media as well as his exclusive XS line of customizable dildos and carbon fiber purses. Go check out his amazing work because this guy is really talented. Any of the above links will take you directly to his website or you can check out his etsy shop.

**This product was provided by Perf-Des free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.**

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