Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Red Room of Pain: Feathered Nipple Clamps

Interested in trying something new? Do you enjoy nipple stimulation? Looking for a way to figure out if nipple clamps are for you? I have the perfect solution: Red Room of Pain's Feathered Nipple Clamps. These are beautiful, artistic, seductive clamps with the option of adjustability making them perfect for everyone from the beginner trying something new to the experienced clamp collector looking for a beautiful new addition.


These clamps arrived at my door in a nice padded pouch with a personal note from the owner of Red Room of Pain. There was nothing to suggest that my package contained anything of a sexual nature and my roommates had no idea what I had received, although they were quite curious.


These Feathered Nipple Clamps are accented with a seductive shade of red feathers that are quite possibly the softest feathers I have ever touched. The clamp itself  is made entirely of metal making them incredibly durable. The part of the clamp that goes onto the nipple as well as the area you would use to open the jaws have rubber grips that make them much more comfortable for longer wear yet still provided a tempting squeeze. The adjustable finger screws allow you full control on how loose or tight you wish your clamps to fit.


The metal area of these nipple clamps measures 2 inches in length from tip to tip. The rubber grips on the ends have a generous length of just over 1/2 inch giving plenty of room for even the largest nipples to wear these clamps comfortably. The feathers themselves extend an additional 3 inches from the bottom of the metal clamp. In its tightest setting the tips of the clamp rest firmly against one another but can be extended  to 1/2 inch apart when the finger screw is fully engaged.


Nipple clamps are designed to stimulate by restricting blood flow to and from the nipple. They can be used to provide pleasure, pain, or pleasurable pain. The Feathered Nipple Clamps by Red Room of Pain are adjustable to help you figure out how much pressure or pain you can handle.


Not only are Red Room of Pain's red Feathered Nipple Clamps beautiful but they are so much fun to use. I found these nipple clamps to be perfect for my very first set. I love them. The fact that they can be adjusted factors highly into my love of these clamps. I recently stopped breastfeeding and my nipples are tough as nails some days and sensitive to the lightest touch the next so I really appreciated that I could control the amount of pressure placed on my nipples. My husband really liked putting them in place and tightening them to my threshold and then gently tugging on them during intercourse. He has yet to try them but he has super sensitive nipples and isn't much interested in using them himself. This does not mean that this product cannot be used for men. Some men enjoy the feeling of nipple stimulation and this is a great set to start off your collection. We also found that these feathers make for great teasers. During foreplay we held the metal part of the clamp in our hands and used the feathers to stroke one another's body. These clamps can be used anywhere your body can tolerate included the testicles, penis, clitoris, or the labia.


There is really no need for cleaning these clamps except maybe wiping down the plastic grips after use. This can be done with a moist cloth. Because I have recently stopped breastfeeding, my nipples do leak milk occasionally. When this happens I just gently remove the milk from the feathers using a dry paper towel and have had no staining or altering of the feathers appearance or function. I can not say the same for other bodily fluids as we have not come across this issue yet.


I was very pleased with how these clamps looked both sitting on my dresser and while wearing them. They are beautiful, fluffy, soft feathers that look very tempting when clamped onto my hard, red nipples and provide a sexy mix of pleasure and pain.


I have yet to find any negatives about these clamps and I have used them multiple times both by myself and with my husband.


I don't see any particular storage issues with these clamps. Personally I have a small bag that I put mine in when they are not being used but this is mostly because I am obsessive about my toy organization.


Red Room of Pain is an etsy shop that specializes in BDSM products including nipple clamps, anal plugs, burlesque-style pasties, and bondage sets. They even have anal plugs to match these beautiful clamps I have reviewed! Wanna know the best part? Red Room of Pain has offered my readers an exclusive 10% discount on all products using the code Chastity. Now there is no reason for you not to zip right on over to their store right this minute and order a pair of these beautiful clamps and maybe even a matching plug. Won't your honey be surprised and excited when these arrive in the mail.

**I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This is in compliance with FTC guidelines**

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