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Pops Woodturning: The Pleasure Bump Series

Pops Woodturning: The Pleasure Bump Series

Okay I know what you are thinking after just reading the title. "Wood?? What about splinters??" It's a darn good thing you won't have to worry about that with this amazing product. When I first heard about wooden dildos I was intrigued. Not only is this a new idea for me but it is also eco-friendly. Or is it?? Maybe not so much since you make the dildo from wood and to get the wood you have to kill the tree.... Hhhmmm.... I guess you will have to make up your own mind on that one. I wondered about the way the material would feel and how it would perform. This was my very first wooden toy and I am happy to say that I will be adding more to my ever growing collection.


This dildo came to me discreetly packaged in a small, plain, oblong cardboard box with no indication of what was inside. The return address was marked "Pops Woodturning" and his shop address in South Carolina. I opened the box to see the dildo wrapped in paper and tucked securely into the box. I was quite happy with the way this was sent to me since I do have roommates right now and don't think they need to know everything about me.


The dildo that I was sent was turned using oak wood then coated in seven layers of a non-toxic, FDA approved food safe varnish. The turning process leaves the object with a smooth finish which is emphasized by the varnish coating the dildo. I always inspect my toys very thoroughly when I receive them to ensure there are no defects or potential issues, I am happy to say that this dildo came to me in excellent shape. I was slightly disappointed in the smoothness of the dildo as there were a few spots I felt could have been sanded more completely for a smoother finish, but overall found it to be in great shape. The texture of the wood grain was barely noticeable to the touch and not nearly enough to make a difference internally.


The dildo I reviewed measures in at 8 1/2 inches in total length leaving plenty of room for me to hold the base and maneuver the toy while inserted. This dildo features four one inch diameter bumps with a base of just over one inch in diameter. The shaft between each bump is about 3/4 of an inch but there isn't much length that is this thin, really just enough to provide some distinction between each of the bumps.  Attached to the base is a 1/2 inch long hook where you can tie your favorite colored ribbon or string for a bit of extra personality.


This toy can be used in a multitude of ways. Not only can this dildo be used to stimulate the g-spot but it is small and smooth enough to be safely used as an anal stimulator and the bumps add a great texture to clitoral stimulation. Another great way to use this dildo is to smear some massage oil on your back (or other body part) and glide it along your muscles. It adds a different sensation to that sensual foreplay massage.


I found this dildo to be a great size for angling to reach my g-spot. My particular model is small enough to use anally as well as vaginally. The gentle bumps along the shaft provide a subtle texture that is noticeable in use. Although this dildo is made of a hard material much like glass and metal, the wood is a totally different sensation as it seems almost soft in comparison with other toys of unyielding material. The wood is also a lightweight material which conveniently allows you to use these dildos for extended periods of time without wrist fatigue. This dildo has plenty of room for both me and my larger handed husband to hold and manipulate and the ribbon allows me to wrap it around my hand to keep me from dropping it when it's all lubed up.


The finish on this dildo makes it very easy to clean. Ease in cleaning is very important to me when looking at a product to purchase. Wood toys are compatible with soap and water cleaning, commercial toy cleaner, and a 10% bleach solution. Dishwasher cleaning is not recommended for wooden toys and it is always best to let them air dry or wipe any lingering water off with a dry cloth.


The finish on this toy makes it compatible with any type of lubrication on the market but I would recommend using something water based. This could very well be swayed by my preference for water based lubes and their extreme ease in wiping clean but I feel (with absolutely no evidence or fact to base this claim) that water based lubes are a safer bet with more homemade style toys.


I was a little disappointed with the overall smoothness of this product. There were a few spots where the wood under the varnish was not polished to the glass smooth surface that the website claims.


You can see a red ribbon in my pictures of this dildo, I added that little touch with a scrap of ribbon I had laying around onto the hook attached to the base of the dildo. Not only does this allow a small amount of personalization but also increases the storage option.


Joel Ackerman, the owner and creator at Pops Woodturning, creates customizable wood dildos as well as other products such as roach clips and tobacco pipes, incense burners, bracelet helpers, jewelry displays and mortar and pestle sets. He primarily works in oak and maple but can use other woods based on availability. You have the option to customize everything from length and thickness to the number and size of bumps and anything else you can imagine. Also available are matching sets of dildos in assorted sizes in case you would like one for anal use and another for vaginal use. Mr. Ackerman has over 50 years of experience in wood turning and his products really are works of art. His shop is located in South Carolina and he encourages his customers to stop by and see his collection of products in person or you can browse through his listings on etsy or on his website. The best part?? This is a product that is proudly made in the USA!!!

**I received this product free of charge in return for an honest review. This is compliant with FTC guidelines.**

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