Friday, June 7, 2013

Lady Robin's Toys: Spanking Canes


My canes arrived in a tubular mailing package with no indication of what was inside. I tore into the top to find my canes wrapped in tissue paper and rubber banded with a business card and a bumper sticker. I do love bumper stickers!


There are several canes here and some of the handles are made of different materials.The striking part of the canes are made of Delrin. Delrin is a high performance plastic superior to most other plastics in strength, stability, stiffness, and is fatigue, solvent and fuel, abrasion resistant and produces low wear and friction. This is a material that more or less bridges the gap between ordinary plastics and metal. The canes I received have various handles of material I am not familiar with. I do not use the handle part of the cane for impact so I have not explored their body-safe properties. The black handles have an almost foam-like feel and the other handles are harder (like a plastic) and are weighted.


Stinger (orange weighted handle): 1/4 inch diameter striking area and the handle is 1/2" in diameter. The total length is 16 1/4" with a handle measuring roughly 4 1/2" and the striking area is 11 3/4" long.

Black Weighted: 3/8" diameter of the delrin striking area and the handle is 5/8" in diameter, and a bit thicker on the caps. Total length is 18 1/4", the handle taking up 4 of those inches and the striking area measures 12 1/4" in length. The weighted handle on this cane is a UV reactive blue and contains a steel collar on one end for better weight distribution and control.

White with white handle: This is the largest cane in my collection with a striking area diameter of 1/2" and a length of 13". The total length of this model is 18" with the handle being 5" long and 3/4" in diameter and is made with their signature diamond braid. (This model is ideal for heavier or more muscular people who may need something a bit more intense.)

White "Thumper" Pair: These are two matching canes measuring a total of 15" each. The striking surface is roughly 10 3/4" long and 3/8" in diameter. The handle is made of a foam-type product and measures approximately 4 1/2" in length with a diameter of 5/8".

Clear with black handle: 18 3/4" in total length, with a 5" long handle made out of polycarbonate (same material in motorcycle windshields) , this is my longest reaching cane. The diameter of the striking area is 3/8" and the handle has a diameter just shy of 3/4".


The Lady Robin's Spanking Canes are designed for intermediate to advanced levels of impact play. There are several different styles that I was sent and their functions range from stinging ("Stinger" style cane) to thumping and percussion play. These are canes, that at my low-level of experience, provide lots of bang for your buck.


I have tested out several of the canes and have been very pleased by the results. I am someone that bruises very, very easily. We are talking if you push too hard in one spot I will end up with a nice fingerprint bruise, and I have been able to mostly avoid any serious bruising with these canes. Having said that, if you like the harder impact and crave bruising, these canes will not disappoint. I, however, am not a huge fan of bruises since I get them so easily. The Thumpers are fantastic for an over-the-knee spanking session, due to their shorter lengths, or even as drumsticks using my ass as the drum. The Stinger, which happens to be my favorite in both performance and aesthetics (I like orange, a lot), is the perfect size for all over impact. The shorter length and smaller diameter make for a very stingy impact. Minimal effort is needed to provide maximum sting with this little guy, and I find that it is easier to control him (or maybe I am just projecting because I love him so much!). We have used the Stinger along my legs, thighs, stomach, and breasts and am always pleased with the nice, red welts that pop up rather quickly.


Cleaning your Lady Robins Canes is pretty easy. I have not broken the skin with these canes, so I just wipe mine down after a good session with a damp cloth. I would assume that you could wash them in soap and water or wipe them down with a 70-90% Isopropyl Alcohol should you need to sterilize them for use with your partner. Bleach is not recommended prolonged exposure could cause some damage.


There is definitely some nice impact, of all intensities, capable with these canes. The lighter you swing, the less of a bite that the cane will have, and the reverse is true, as well. For the most part, it is easy to control the impact and pattern of strikes. My favorite feature of these canes?? They are all super affordable and not a single one of the products I have cost more than $15! Great workmanship for a steal!


These are NOT an impact tool that should be used for beginners. I used them as a beginner, and the first time nearly swore me off of impact play permanently. In the end, I am so happy I gave them another try after giving my husband some pointers and tips on what I can and cannot handle at this point. Communication during impact play is key to safety and comfort (or discomfort, if you will)!


Currently, my canes sit in the top drawer of my toy chest...which happens to be a small dresser. I have ordered a storage bag from another lovely blogger who creates custom storage bags, but it has not arrived yet. I would suggest storing your canes seperately from your other adult products because some materials can interact with one another and the results are NOT pretty. Trust me.


Lady Robin's Toys are the love child of Lady Robin and her husband and the creator of this line, Johnan. Mr. Johnan began creating these quality products for his wife, an established FemDomme in the Central Texas scene. Each design is field tested by Lady Robin on her willing submissives. Lady Robins Toys are handmade and can be customized to your preferences, just let them know what you want! I am very happy with my canes, but will have to work at it a bit longer to get fully comfortable with the larger ones. Having said that, I highly recommend you head over to their website (link) or Etsy shop (link) and check out what else they have at the moment. You won't be disappointed.

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