Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TMI Tuesday: What's In Your Refrigerator (and Freezer)?

This week’s main TMI Tuesday questions are brought to us by virtualsin.wordpress.com.

What’s in your refrigerator (and freezer)?

What’s in your refrigerator (and freezer)?
1. Anything alcoholic? beer, wine, bottle of champagne?
We have a shelf dedicated to the alcohol, so no. **Just checked and there are actually 2 mini bottles of Kahlua and one partial bottle of Chambord that must belong to my roommates.**

2. Any guilty pleasures? Anything chocolate? Any ice cream?
There are 2 partial tubs of ice-cream in the freezer, some popsicles, but the chocolate also has its own drawer outside of the fridge.

3. Any really old bottles of condiments?
Just cleaned out the fridge last week, so no.

4. Frozen pizza? Other frozen quick dinners?
We don't do frozen dinners, unless you count frozen leftover soups. In that case we have some chicken noodle soup, navy bean soup, and beef-vegetable stew for those days no one feels like cooking.

5. Anything actually rotten or moldy?
No. I cannot stand a nasty fridge so I check almost everything daily.

6. What do you have in your fridge that the rest of us probably don’t?
Slovak salad, sun tea, and homemade sweet and sour sauce from dinner night before last.

Bonus: In the novel Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth, the main character, Alexander Portnoy, masturbates using a liver steak as well as a cored-out apple. Have you ever masturbated with food? What?
I have never masturbated with food...

Bonus, bonus: We're curious, how many phallic shaped foods are in your refrigerator?
If you don't count condiment bottles or biscuit rolls, just pickles.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Lol unfortunately my fridge is filled with rotten stuff and a few condiments

  2. Oooh homemade sweet n sour sauce? Yum! Also, pro idea on the frozen soups...


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