Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unfortunate News and My Apologies

Well, my loves, I have some unfortunate news. You may have noticed that I have not posted anything new in over a week... Well, my computer died. She is dead and I am in the market for a new one but it could be another week or two before I am back.

To those that have sent me products to review: I am still working on my reviews, but I have extremely limited internet access without my beloved laptop, and almost no access to my blog due to its adult nature. Actually, I am shocked I was able to get on to write this post, as I have been denied every other time I have tried :( Please accept my apologies and I will post my reviews as soon as I possibly can.

To my darling readers: I am sorry. I am probably more upset about this than anyone and I am doing everything I can think of to get back online as soon as possible. Technology is awesome... until it isn't. And right now, me and technology are having a bit of a disagreement. Argh. Don't write me off yet, ladies and gents, I will be back and better than ever... and hopefully soon.

I have some awesome reviews coming up and a giveaway that ends July 7th. Feel free to look back over some of my past reviews and leave some encouraging comments (I need them!) or send me a hug because I am beyond frustrated with this situation... or a bottle of wine.

Until I can get back, keep the lights burning for me.

XO Chastity Darling OX


  1. Aww I hate it when that happens! Good luck with getting a new one, hopefully it doesn't take too long :)

  2. *BIG HUG* No worries sweetie, us naughty folks can wait. Take care of more important things first. I have been there with computer troubles several times and it is very frustrating as you know. But once its all square away you will be back as you said stronger, better and hopefully with more naughty tales to tell.

  3. {{HUGGS}} Hope you can get a new one soon.


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