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Knotty Wood Arts: Wooden Dildos


As the name implies, Knotty Wood Arts produces objects made of wood. My Spoon dildo is made of beautiful Figured Maple, named for the "figures" or distortions in the wood grain which result in a beautiful pattern in the wood. My particular piece is a light, almost blonde wood with darker brown, tiger-like stripes at one end, in addition to the natural grain, which runs nearly opposite the stripes. The wood has been sanded completely smooth and coated in a food grade finish to make it body safe.

The Knob is drastically different that my Spoon, being a dark English Walnut. It has a tapered end with ridges on the other.

Each of the adult products that are created at Knotty Wood Arts is sanded a minimum of 6 times, sealed, coated in 7-10 layers of food grade varnish, and buffed to to a glass-like finish.


Spoon measures a total of 10 inches long. It is dual ended with one end being a bit bigger. The smaller end and the majority of the shaft measures between 1 1/4 and 1 1/2" in diameter. The wider, spoon-shaped end  is about 2 inches in diameter.

The Knob is just 7 inches long with a taper on one end measuring 1" in diameter at the tip and ending in 3 bumps that are 1 1/2" in diameter, with 1 inch rests in between.


The Spoon is a dildo that can be used to g-spot stimulation. There are no working parts, seams, or texture, just a smooth, even dildo that is fantastic for thrusting. I have only used my Spoon vaginally, but I am sure that if care is taken it can be used anally. I say with care, because there is no flared end to keep it from going further than you may intend. The Knob, on the other hand, worked much better for me as an anal probe. It can be used vaginally or anally, depending on the sensations you are wanting.


I love the feel of wood inside of me and I love g-spot stimulation, and these products did not disappoint. Because the Spoon is curved on both ends, it can be used from either end for g-spot stimulation. I really like it when my toys can be used from either end, as it opens up the possibilities for use, and the Spoon really fit the bill. The light weight of the wood has kept me from experiencing any type of wrist fatigue and the length ensures that there is plenty of surface to hold.

I had a harder time with the Knob. It didn't do much for me vaginally, so I tried it as a plug. The tapered end is comfortable but I had a hard time keeping it in place. If the rest areas between the bumps were a bit bigger this would be a great plug.


Soap and water is the recommended way to clean your wooden toys. Boiling and using the dishwasher can degrade the finish and warp the wood, so if you need to sanitize your wooden toys, a 10% bleach solution or a quick swipe of alcohol should do the trick.


The finish on these wooden dildos is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants. I do not use oil based lubes but I am sure that these dildos could handle the oil, just test a small spot on your dildo to determine if there will be any staining or discoloration of the wood. There should be none, but better safe than sorry!


The Spoon was primarily designed by me and I am ecstatic with the way it turned out. The Knob was a surprise included in my package that I was not expecting. Knotty Wood Arts will work with you to achieve your perfect pleasure toy, and they use reclaimed wood making these dildos truly eco-friendly. I cannot say enough about the customer service offered by this company. Mr. Knotty answered all of my questions in a very timely manner and worked closely with me to ensure I received a product that I loved. I am already thinking of designs for my next Knotty Wood Arts dildo!


I was hard pressed to find a negative in these toys. I do wish that the rests on the Knob were a bit bigger, but that may just be personal preference. In all, they are sanded smooth as a babies bum, coated in multiple layers of finish, and the Spoon was made to my specifications. I really have nothing negative to say about Knotty Wood Arts or the beautiful products they create.


Knotty Wood Arts includes a free bag with their purchases. Mine are made of a thick fleece material in a burgundy color. Your wooden toys should be stored in a bag to protect the finish from being damaged by anything else that may be residing in your toy box.


I have to share my favorite aspect of these dildos: They are made of recycled wood! The Spoon was carved from scraps of wood left over from another artist that makes civil war era weapons for re-enactments. The Knob is carved from a log that was scavenged from the clean-up after Hurricane Katrina. I absolutely love that Knotty Wood Arts has found a way to take these unwanted pieces of wood and create beautiful creations designed to give you pleasure. This is a truly eco-friendly sex toy, as no trees had to lose their lives! Ok, the tree had to die eventually, but at least the scraps were not wasted but turned into someones new best friend.


I found Knotty Wood Arts on Etsy. The shop can be found here. Last I checked there was nothing in the shop at the moment but you can take a look at some examples of his work in the sold folder found here. Mr. Knotty does accept custom orders, so if you have something in mind you can contact him through his store on Etsy or email him at

**This product was provided by Knotty Wood Arts free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.**


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