Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TMI Tuesday: Masturbation Month 2013

Masturbation Month 2013

1. My favorite place to masturbate is ________ ?
My bedroom and the bathroom. I particularly like to masturbate in my tub...
2. Have you ever masturbated in public? What were the circumstances?
Yes, I have. I was at the computer lab at a local library and got the urge to masturbate. So I did. I have also masturbated a few times in traffic in the front passenger seat of my car. I find it incredibly erotic and exciting. 
3. Do you like mutual masturbation? Why?
I do. I like to have my husband use his hands or mouth or one of our toys to get me off, while I do the same to him. I also find it incredibly erotic to masturbate while he watches and masturbates to me. 
4. When was the last time you masturbated?
I just finished ;)
5. Have you ever masturbated on camera?
I have, both over webcam for an ex boyfriend and I have also taped myself to surprise hubby with a little something.
6. Do you like to watch people masturbate?
Yes! I enjoy watching my hubby, and masturbation porn is one of the few types of porn I enjoy.
Bonus: Have you filmed yourself masturbating? Care to share that film via a link?
I have filmed myself, however this video was made for my husbands private use. 
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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Great idea for TMI Tuesday! Thanks! -juniperbitters


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