Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May: National Masturbation Month and the #OrgasmDiet

Today, my loves, is May 1st. Today marks the beginning of National Masturbation Month and the un-official start to the enjoyment of outdoor sexual escapades. 

Don't forget to excersize your wrists before partaking in any strenuous activities ;)

May also happens to be a stellar time to begin a new diet... The Orgasm Diet. Now, this is a diet that I feel anyone can follow. Basically the idea is to eat your three (or five, or whatever you need) balanced meals a day but replace snacks and unhealthy cravings with orgasms. For example: It's ten o'clock at night. I'm craving that homemade chocolate chip cookie that is whispering my name from the kitchen. Instead, I walk to my bedroom, grab my Salsa, and achieve orgasm. I no longer crave the chocolate chip cookie, now I just want a glass of water and to drag my husband into bed with me. I just saved myself unnecessary calories by avoiding the cookie, burned calories with an orgasm, and swapped the taste for chocolate for a taste of my man. Win-win in my book. Now, sit back and think about how many unnecessary calories you can avoid and how much your libedo could be rejuvenized. 

Feel free to take part in the Orgasm Diet and tweet your progress using #OrgasmDiet and feel free to post here and let me know how you are doing. Now, to find my scale...


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