Saturday, May 11, 2013

Masturbation is Natural

In honor of May being Masturbation Month I thought I would share some fun facts about masturbation in nature. See, humans are not the only species to masturbate or engage in sexual activity for pleasure, and I wanted to take this opportunity to show you just how normal and natural masturbation really is.

Monkeys masturbate, and will also pleasure themselves orally.

Elephants pleasure themselves by rubbing against rough surfaces and by using their trunks. Elephant penises are shaped like an "S".

Porcupines have been observed not only masturbating, but also using objects, such as sticks, to rub against or ride.

Male African ground squirrels masturbate to ejaculation, and then consume their ejaculate.

Turtles will rub against rocks, bricks, or walls and emit a squeak-like sound of pleasure.

Walruses are very flexible and will pleasure themselves both manually and orally.

Ever see a bird rubbing its rear end on anything? Yup, birds masturbate too!

Male horses rub their penises against their stomachs for pleasure, while females will lift their tails and rub against trees and walls. Females will mastubate to orgasm and produce a type of ejaculate upon orgasm.

Dogs and cats masturbate. They will also show dominance by pleasuring themselves.

Moose can reach orgasm by rubbing their antlers against trees, and can reach orgasm as many as 50 times a day!

These are just a few examples, and I haven't begun to touch the odd sexuality of animals.

Masturbation is not only completely natural but it is also good for your health! Solo stimulation carries no risk of contracting an STD or pregnancy. The release of hormones associated with orgasm can increase your mood and help fight depression. Masturbation can also help boost the immune system, helping you fight that cold or flu. It is the healthiest way to explore your own sexuality, and a perfect way for you to figure out what you like and what you don't. Masturbation can also be used to relax yourself and ease away tension, which can help you sleep at night! Masturbation can help you achieve better, and more satisfying orgasms. Masturbation in males helps to cleanse the prostate and reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Women may find that masturbating while on her period can help ease the pain and discomfort of cramps and muscle tension.

With all these great "side effects" of masturbation, I challenge you to give me one good reason why you should not masturbate.... Don't worry, I'll wait....

Guy Having Orgasm

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