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Cal Exotics: Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Curious about anal play? Looking for a way to dip your toes in the proverbial water? Not looking to make an investment just yet? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Cal Exotics Colt series Anal Trainer Kit may be the perfect choice for you.


My Colt Anal Training Kit came to me in shrink-wrapped packaging and no box. None. At all. I was very disappointed by this, since Cal Exotics advertises their product with a box. There really isn't much to say about the packaging and it was not reusable, so I just threw it in the recycle bin.


The Colt Anal Trainer Kit is made completely of PVC rubber. PVC is durable, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of firmness. It is not the most body-safe material, as it does tend to contain phthalates causing some health concerns over long term use. The training plugs are completely smooth with a tapered shape for a more ergonomic fit in the rectum. There is a wide base at the end of each plug to prevent it from slipping inside and getting "lost" in place where sex toys should not be misplaced. 


This anal training kit come with three different sized plugs to slowly work your way up to taking a larger sized object into your anus. I have several measurements to share, so please bear with me as I try to explain the size differences in these plugs. All of these plugs are tapered with a smaller area for the anal rim to rest around and a wide base to keep the plug from being sucked in too far. The smallest plug has a total length of 4 3/4" with 3 3/4" being insertable. This plug is only 1/4 inch in diameter at the tip and the widest part is just 1 inch in diameter with the anal rim area being a comfortable 3/4 inch in total diameter. The medium sized plug is just a little bit bigger than the smallest one. The total length is 5 1/2 inches with 4 1/2 inches of that being fully insertable. The taper of this plug starts with a tip only 1/2 inch in diameter and widening to 1 1/4 inches at the largest area. The anal rim area is also a comfortable 3/4 inch. The largest upgrade in size comes between the medium and large sized plugs of this set. While the medium is just slightly larger than the small, the large is freaking huge! The total length of the largest plug is 6 1/2 inches with 5 3/4 inches of that being insertable. The tip of this plug starts at just 3/4 inch which isn't too bad, however, it explodes to a full 2 inches at the widest part of the base and the anal rim area is a full 1 1/4 inches. There is such a large difference from the medium to the large that I feel there should be another sized plug between the two. I was unable and unwilling to play with the largest plug, as I felt that even using the medium sized plug, I was not able to warm-up sufficiently to take the large plug without copious amount of pain. I have included a bit of a diagram in the following picture to help visualize the size a bit more accurately...and hopefully to relieve some of the confusion from just text measurements.


Cal Exotics designed this anal training kit to prepare the anus for penetration. There are three plugs of graduating sizes to start you off nice and small and work your way up to the size you wish to be able to insert into your anus. Plugs, unlike anal probes or beads, are meant to acclimate your anal cavity to the fullness of anal penetration, which means that you put them in and leave them in. They are not meant to be thrust in and out, although they can also be used in this manner.


I purchased these training plugs to prepare myself for the review of another anal plug that I received for review. I was rather intimidated by the size of the plug that I had received, since I had no real experience with anal play of any kind. When I found the Colt Anal Trainer Kit, I thought that they looked perfect for what I wanted. The smallest plug is perfect for anyone beginning on their anal journey. With a gently tapered shape and a tip of only 1/4 inches, there was absolutely no discomfort with this plug. I found that rubbing the tip around the anal rim and then gently working it into the anus produced the best feeling. I was unable to take the entire things immediately and instead gently pushed it in and pulled it almost completely out until my rectum was ready to insert the entire plug. Once completely seated in the anal cavity, these plugs aren't going anywhere. The base is long, but not too wide to allow it to comfortably site between your butt cheeks. Once I was able to comfortably take the smallest plug, I started to play with the medium sized one. A little more lube and some gently maneuvering and this plug slipped right into place. Having the plugs fully inserted into the rectum gives an incredibly full, but not completely uncomfortable feeling. While inserted, the plug pushed on the wall between my anal cavity and my vagina, which caused my vagina to become much tighter, a definite huge plus for my husband (who has no complaints about the my tightness without the plugs, thank you very much ;) ). I have not even attempted to use the largest plug in this collection. I have no interest in stretching myself that large, at this point, but I like having a larger plug, should I need it in the future.


The Colt Anal Trainer Kit can be cleaned using warm water and a mild antibacterial soap or a universal toy cleaner. Bleach, boiling, and the dishwasher are not recommended ways to keep your PVC training plugs clean. Be sure to thoroughly clean any anal toys to prevent the build-up of lube or any bacteria on the toy. Remember, a clean toy is a happy toy.


These PVC training plugs can be used with water or silicone based lubes, with no problem. Personally, I prefer silicone lubricant for anal play, due to its long-lasting, extra slippery, non-drying qualities. I have found that water based lubricants often need to be reapplied, because they dry out and can become sticky during extended periods of play time. I also used some Anal Eaze with these plugs to help ease them in, without my rear clenching tight enough to crush a jaw-breaker. Here is where I need to insert a little educational safety blurb... Anal Eaze is a numbing product that contains benzocaine (the same numbing product in Oragel). The anus is a muscle and needs to be "warmed up," before any playtime, and any numbing agents should be used sparingly, as to not numb so much that injury occurs, without knowledge. Having said that, I do use Anal Eaze myself, but sparingly, and just at my anal opening. This is a temporary product for me to get my body used to having my anus touched, without clenching for no tomorrow. I, personally, have a hard time relaxing for that first touch.


The Cal Exotics Colt Anal Trainer Kit works exactly as it is designed. If all you need a temporary product to get you used to using your new, bigger plug or to prepare for anal sex, then this may be just the ticket for you. The PVC is relatively easy to clean and the pliability makes them easy and comfortable to use. The graduated sizes allow you to work up to your goal size, without spending an arm and a leg. For the price, I find that this a great product but, as always, there are drawbacks to purchasing cheaper products.


I was really disappointed with the quality of these training plugs. They are made of PVC, a common but low rated material on a "body-safe" scale. These plugs cannot be fully sanitized, and as such, they should not be shared between partners, without the use of a condom. Another miscalculation with these plugs is the size differences. The smallest and the medium sized plugs are a gentle size increase, while the largest plug is much larger than the second, and is a step that is a bit harder to take. I feel as though there should be at least one more sized plug between the medium and the large size. The most disappointing point of these plugs is the way they are made. These plugs seem to be made of two different pieces of the PVC. There is the pliable outside and then a separate inner core, and these two pieces are not sealed together well. Mine are already separating, after just a few uses. I really wish that they had been made as one complete piece, with no seams or possibility of separation. I also wish that they had been made of a material that could be fully sanitized, due to their intended use.


The biggest storage concern with these plugs is the fact that they are made of PVC and some of those icky chemicals can leach into your other toys. I found that the best way to store these in my own toy box was to place them in a pouch as a barrier against my other toys.


  1. Thank you for this review. I have had this on my wish list for some time now, but keep holding off due to the fact that it PVC.

    1. I was hesitant at first but since I am only using them temporarily I figured it wouldn't be too bad. If I was looking for a permanent addition to my collection I would have gone with something sterilizable.

    2. I know, my favorite two materials are Silicone and Glass because they can be sterilized. Wish they made something like this kit out of either of those two, I would be willing to pay the price.


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