Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Diary: Squirting/Female Ejaculations

Dear Diary,

I have a confession to make... I am a squirter. Capable of female ejaculation. And I love it. I wish everyone could experience this powerful rush of sensations for themselves.

The very first time I squirted was a complete accident. I was so incredibly embarrassed and honestly thought I had urinated all over my partner and our bed. He had been fingering me, rather enthusiastically, using a "come hither" motion, with his fingertips rubbing against the front of my vaginal walls. He would bring me to the brink of orgasm then slow his movements until I was begging him for more. I was in a sitting position with my weight on my hands and feet. I distinctly remember the feeling of build-up and pressure from within, and I warned him that I thought I was going to pee. Instead of stopping, like I expected, he renewed his efforts and abandoned any semblance of gentleness. I came so hard while liquid gushed all down my legs, dripped off of his hand, and soaked into our bed. My face immediately got red and I ran to gather up some towels to soak up the mess. Just a few weeks later we were going our separate ways (for reasons unrelated to this incident).

It wasn't until a few years later that I discovered what I had really done and really began to explore the world of squirting. I began by watching a lot of porn featuring squirters. It was just so incredibly hot to see these women in the throes of passion and pleasure as they came all over themselves, their partners, and often, the camera. I researched the phenomena behind female ejaculation and began educating myself. Female ejaculation, or squirting, happens when the g-spot is stimulated to the point of orgasm. The g-spot is the spongy group of cells located behind the pubic bone and before the cervix, about 3 inches or so into the vaginal canal, toward the front of the pelvis. If you are using your fingers, this little area of skin is a bit rougher than the rest of your vaginal cavity. Every woman's anatomy is uniquely theirs, therefore your g-spot may be located a bit closer or further away from the vaginal opening. Don't be afraid or ashamed to go exploring and find out exactly where your g-spot is located. As the blood rushes into the g-spot and it becomes engorged, you may feel pressure build up that feels very similar to a full bladder. Do not worry, this is normal and you will not urinate. Remember to relax, let the feelings and sensations rush over you. Tensing up from fear of urinating can prevent you from enjoying your squirting orgasm. If you are concerned that this may happen to you, I suggest you take the time to use the bathroom before engaging in any play that may lead to a g-spot orgasm. Keep stimulating your g-spot, perhaps adding a little clitoral stimulation, and allow yourself to just let go. A squirting orgasm can be extremely powerful and overwhelming at first. I, personally, have been experiencing squirting orgasms regularly for about 2 and a half years, and I still tear up almost every single time.

Not every woman is capable of experiencing a squirting orgasm, but, if you can, you will never be able to forget the mind blowing sensations. Even if you are capable of having your first squirting orgasm, practice is necessary to be able to find that perfect spot whenever you wish. Don't get discouraged if it takes you many, many sessions to achieve a squirting orgasm. Regardless of your outcome of this little experiment, take this time to re-explore your own body or to reconnect with your partner.

Once I was able to locate and stimulate my g-spot on a regular basis I began to have squirting orgasms almost whenever I wanted. G-spot vibrators and dildos can often be of service to those that have a hard time orgasming from g-spot stimulation. I have a vibrator that I recently purchased from EdenFantasys website. I got the Extase Zenith for a steal but would gladly pay full retail to replace it, should it one day die on me. You can visit Eden and look around. If you find anything you have to have, add it to your cart, snag one of their awesome free gifts, and use code XVR to save 15% on your order.

I want to sign you all a little homework. Go find your (or your partner's)  g-spot. Even without having a squirting orgasm, g-spot stimulation feels amazing and can add to your sexual experience. Then come on back and let me know how it worked out for you. If you have already experienced (giving or receiving) a g-spot orgasm or have squirted, let us know. Feel free to add any tips or tricks that may have worked for you, or share your experience. Happy hunting everyone!

Lustfully Yours,
xo Chastity Darling ox


  1. Congrats! I love G-spot stimulation, with or without orgasm. I gush at times, but I've yet to have a squirting experience. It sounds like magical, messy fun!

    1. Being pregnant really helped me to figure out what made me squirt. I believe that had to do with having the weight of the baby pressing against me from the inside. Not even going to lie, I read a million (okay maybe a few less than that) how-to guides online and made hubby read them as well. It took a while but we figured it out, and I am sure you will too! I would love to hear/read about your experience if you feel like sharing!

  2. I can't choose when to sqirt and when not to . It's too bad that when I do it sort of diminishes my orgasms but sounds like fun for you

  3. I've only squirted a few times using my Ella. It's a very intense feeling for me so sometimes I just don't feel up to it and will use another toy. I'd probably be worried if I hadn't read about it before.

  4. Ah, I still haven't experienced a woman squirt.


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