Monday, April 15, 2013

SSA Glass: Deep Water G


The Deep Water G arrived at my door, wrapped in bubble wrap and tucked into a red velvet pouch. I was pleasantly surprised that the storage pouch was included, since I prefer to store most of my toys in individual pouches.  I was also happy to see that steps were taken to ensure that this product made it to me intact and undamaged. The pouch, itself, is not padded. It works just fine for at-home storage, but I would suggest something with a little more protection, when traveling with the Deep Water G.


SSA Glass produces high quality borosilicate glass sex toys. These glass toys are not only fun to play with; they are truly beautiful works of erotic art. Borosilicate glass is the type of glass used in Pyrex brand bakeware due to its ability to withstand more extreme temperatures. This glass is tempered, so if it were to break, there would not be tiny shards of glass shattered across the room, but rather big, chunky pieces that are much easier to clean up. Glass is a hypoallergenic, non-porous material that has no smell or taste. 


The Deep Water G is a slightly curved, cobalt blue, textured dildo. The two ends have different sized bulbs and there is a nice line of nubs along the shaft. The glass itself has a smooth surface with no real drag. The curve on this dildo is just on the one side, and isn’t very pronounced. The Deep Water G measures 7 ¾” in total length, and with two ends, it is fully insertable. The first end I measured has two glass ball like shapes on the end; these measure 1 ¼” in diameter at the widest parts. The shaft of this dildo has a diameter of 1” with a total of 7 nubs that add an additional ¼” in diameter, and are about 1/2” round. The other end of this dildo is the G-spot side and it is a bit bigger than the other end at 1 ½” in diameter. The Deep Water G is a bit on the heavy side, at approximately 11 ounces. 


The Deep Water G was designed by SSA Glass to be a dual-ended penetrative toy capable of G-spot stimulation. This is a toy that is perfect for temperature play, solo stimulation, and partner play, however it is not recommended for anal use.


While the Deep Water G may not be immediately recognizable as a G-spot toy, it does its duty well. With two ends of differing texture, this dildo is a great option for both glass beginners and the more advanced players, alike. This is a toy that is long enough for comfortable solo masturbation, but be aware of wrist fatigue during longer sessions, due to the weight of this toy. A small dab of lube onto this smooth glass toy will have it sliding into you with ease. Personally, I like to have my husband use this dildo on me while he uses his mouth. The only issue we have come across is in the thrusting power. Because this is a hard material, vigorous thrusting could result in internal bruising. It is wise to keep this in mind if you enjoy a lot of hard, fast thrusting when using dildos. All in all, the Deep Water G performed brilliantly.


Borosilicate glass is compatible with any type of lubricant you wish to use. General washing should be done with an anti-bacterial soap and warm water or a universal toy cleaner; however, the Deep Water G can be sterilized in the dishwasher, by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, or by boiling it for 3 minutes.


This is a body-safe, sterilizable material that is extremely low maintenance. I love the textures on the Deep Water G, and the fact that it is dual ended for more varied use. 


There are none!


It’s no secret that I am a glass lover, and the Deep Water G did not disappoint me in the least. Not only is it an absolutely gorgeous piece of art, but it is functional, too! The slight curve on the one side is beneficial when hunting for my g-spot, and the hardness of the glass guarantees plenty of pressure, if needed. 


  1. it's so pretty! and all toys should come with storage bags! I'm always happy when they do.

  2. I am a total glass whore. The Deep Water G is up there among my favorites!


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