Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We-Vibe: Salsa


The We-Vibe Salsa arrived to me in a white, trapezoidal box with a photo of the salsa on the front. Opening the box there is a plastic form that the Salsa itself is nestled into, along with the docking portion of the recharging system. There is a small user manual sitting on top of a smaller box. Inside the smaller box is the charging cord and a white satin storage bag big enough for the Salsa and its charging system. While the box does not scream "sex toy," the photo on the front and the words "personal massager" in 6 different languages remove all discretion.


The Salsa is made of non-porous, phthalate-free ABS plastic. It is hard and smooth, with absolutely no texture at all. The only part of this toy that is not plastic is the button, and that feels an awful lot like silicone to me. 


The Salsa is a small, lipstick-sized bullet vibrator. It measures in at just 3 1/2" long and 5/8" in diameter, making it ideal for any kind of outing. You could easily slip this little baby into your purse or pocket for fun on the go. Just be careful not to lose this beauty!


The We-Vibe Salsa is a bullet-style vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation. This is not a product for internal stimulation, of any kind, and will almost guarantee you an embarrassing trip to the ER if you try to use it anally. We-Vibe also equipped the Salsa with a rechargeable motor and 8 different settings, ranging from 3000 rpms to 4800 rpms. The best part; the Salsa is 100% waterproof. Turn it on and drop it in a bucket, I did. It was a lot of fun, and the Salsa was completely undamaged. 


We-Vibe packed such a powerful motor into such a little package that I wonder if they employ some kind of wizard to create these masturbatory masterpieces. There is so much power packed into this bullet that I was able to hold the Salsa in my hand and use my finger as the stimulator. The variety of intensity and patterns of the functions still allows me to build-up to an orgasm, then sends me hurtling over the edge of pleasure, giving insane clitoral orgasms.

The Salsa is small enough to be used during intercourse. I like to use mine when we are doggystyle because I can easily reach back and stimulate his testicles or my clit. I have yet to be disappointed by this amazing vibrator.


The best way to keep the Salsa clean and happy is soap and water or commercial toy cleaner. Alcohol or a 10% bleach solution can be used to sanitize. Because the Salsa is waterproof, it is super easy to clean. There is no worrying about it getting lost at the bottom of your sink as you wash up.


Plastic is safe for any type of lubricant, be it oil, water, or silicone-based. It is a non-porous material so a dab of lubricant is, likely, all you will need. The control button on the end of the Salsa feels as though it may be made of silicone. Keep that in mind if using silicone-based lubricants, as it could degrade the material.


Strong, intense vibrations come from this small little bullet. The Salsa is completely waterproof, body-safe, and sanitizable. The rechargeable motor eliminates the need to purchase multiple batteries.


The intense vibrations of the Salsa may be too intense for some. Also, We-Vibe has discontinued the Salsa. They do have the Tango, who I hear is identical to the Salsa, except for the tip. Salsa has a pointed tip, while Tango has a lipstick-shaped tip.


The Salsa comes with its own storage pouch straight from the manufacturer. It is big enough to hold the charging system, as well as the vibrator itself. The pouch is made of a white satiny material that is quite beautiful.

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