Sunday, April 14, 2013

Extase: Zenith


The Extase Zenith came in a wonderfully sturdy cardboard box. The front of the box features a photo of the vibrator with the Extase logo across the top and the words “Zenith” and “sensual vibrator” across the bottom. Opening the box, I am greeted by my faithful Zenith nestled into thick foam cut to the shape of the vibe. Beneath this foam tray lies a user manual, battery instructions, a mini pamphlet on the company, and a velvety storage pouch with the Extase logo.


The Zenith has a long neck with an egg shaped bullet on the end for more precise G-spot stimulation. It is made of smooth, velvety, phthalate-free ABS plastic. Plastic is a hard material with no give, so this vibrator can stand being used to apply a little more pressure, when needed. I have detected no smell and no taste in this material. The Zenith is controlled by one button that functions as an on/off switch, and to cycle through the various functions. This vibe is marketed as being splash-proof and does have a nice rubber O-ring in the battery compartment to protect against moisture build-up.

Extase includes a nice storage bag with the Zenith. I have no idea what it is made of (and could find it nowhere) but the outside is a lovely, dark grey, suede-like material with an inner layer of a workout type material in a dark purple color. It is closed by a simple drawstring and small metal bead. 


The Zenith is a total of 9 inches long. The shaft measures 6 1/2" long and is triangular  rather than round, and each side is 1" wide. The egg shaped G-spot stimulator on the end is 2 1/2" long and has a diameter of 1 1/2" at the widest part. This is not a toy to use for a full feeling, but rather to deliver more accurate vibrations to the G-spot. 


The Extase Zenith is designed to stimulate the G-spot. The shape is perfect for reaching around the pubic bone for that sweet bundle of nerves, and the vibrations just bump it all up a notch or three. The Zenith can be used to also stimulate the nipples or clitoris for a little foreplay action. This is not a toy intended for anal use, although it can be used for prostate stimulation, if great care is taken. 


I bought two of these vibrators during the facebook friends’ sale, one for me and one as a gift. As soon as the box arrived, I tore into it to see my new toy. After I thoroughly inspected, and then washed, my new Zenith, I grabbed 2 AAs and headed to my room. Because this is a G-spot toy I grabbed my Liberator throe and got comfortable. The Zenith has 7 different vibration settings as follows: 1. Light steady, 2. Medium steady, 3. High steady, 4. Medium pulse, high pulse, medium pulse, high pulse, 5. Medium pulse, medium pulse, high pulse, 6. Medium steady, high pulse, medium steady, and 7. Starts off light and steady and slowly works up to the high intensity, then starts over again. I call the 7th vibration pattern the “motorcycle” because it begins off feeling exactly like my husband’s bike.

I began to warm up with the low, steady vibrations. It didn't take long before I wanted more and experimented with them all. As my arousal grew, I selected the high intensity vibrations and put some pressure on my G-spot. Then I exploded. I was able to have multiple squirting orgasms with this vibrator, something that does not happen to me often. I am a huge fan of this vibrator and would recommend it to anyone looking for some great G-spot stimulation.


The Zenith is made entirely of phthalate-free ABS plastic and is safe for use with both silicone and water based lubricants. Anti-bacterial soap and water or a universal toy cleaner are the suggested ways to clean this vibrator. Extase recommends storing the Zenith separately from your other toys, keeping it out of direct sunlight, and never submerging the Zenith.


The Zenith has lower frequency, rumbly vibes which I find more satisfying that the higher frequency buzzy type vibration. I found this to be a quieter vibrator and have had no issues using it while my roommates were home. The size and shape are ideal for my body and G-spot location, though this may not be the case for everyone. 


The Zenith has proven to be a bit of a battery hog. I really like to use the vibe for longer solo sessions, so a rechargeable option would have been fantastic. This does not affect the performance of the toy in any way, I just find it a bit tedious and expensive to keep the batteries fresh. 


Extase includes a wonderful double layered drawstring pouch to store your Zenith. The box, with its foam cutout, is also a great way to store your vibrator. I personally have mine stored in the box and use the pouch for one of my glass toys. 


I am so glad I bought this on a whim and would gladly purchase it again, should the motor ever die. I have used this vibrator over and over and never been disappointed. I would highly recommend this design to anyone looking for a great G-spot vibrator. The only real issue I have with this vibe is the battery usage. I find I can only use the Zenith 2-3 times before the batteries lose power and I wish it was rechargeable. Beyond that, I have no complaints. 

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